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Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV Mod Keep Crashing

My Oblivion Mods Keep Crashing i will spend 2hours on them and they will run fine but when spend about 7 hours on them always crash even if i let my pc have a rest ( I make the mods my self). I have an 21inch iMac with an 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB Of RAM DDR 3, 1TB, ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB. I am running on windows 7 (BootCamp) I have all lastest Drives and patches for my computer and oblivion And i HAVE REINSTALLED IT AND STILL NO LUCK.
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  1. Oblivion and before it Morrowind are 2 of my favorite games. That being said Bethesda could have done better on the bugs. Both games do the random crash thing and have on several different computer configs. I just finished ( main quest anyway ) Morrowind again a few weeks ago and I had to hit F5 every 15min or so. Sometimes you have hours of problem free gaming sometimes 2 minutes.

    Edit: I just remembered Fallout 3 is a Bethesda game too. Also on my top ten list and also buggy as hell and crash prone.
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    Well sorry too hear your having CTD's but it is common to have with Oblivion, if your using mods you might check the load order of your mods with Wrye Bash, or Oblivion Mod Manager because some mods can cause more frequent crashes if the load order is wrong due to them overwriting specific data

    I used to have frequent CTD's when i had Windows XP (so its not just Windows 7), you might also want to look around the Bethesda forums there is some Unofficial Oblivion Patches but using those are unsupported
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