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looking for a medium sized (somewhere between 14 and 15 inch) laptop with a quadcore i7 processor with relatively good battery life (doesn't need to be great). what are the best options out there? i would like a fairly good one, if possible with dual hdd space to use a ssd for boot & programs and hdd for storage.
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    They are refurbs, but nice hardware on the cheap... just dont buy the one im looking at for work lol.
  2. How is the difference performance-wise between the i7-6xxm (dual core) and the i7 7xx (quad core)? is the performance difference large? and would the battery life be significantly better with the i7 dual core? i heard that when some of the cores arent needed they power off so even the quad core should not use too much power if its like idling or just surfing the web am i correct?

    so mainly what i want to know between the i7 dual and quad core is performance and battery difference. thanks :hello:
  3. if you wanted a dual core, just rad an i5 in the laptop (as the i7-620 will perform about the same), if you want a quad core grad the i7-7xx (or higher) series

    there is a difference in power consumption as the quads are 45w TDP and the duals are 35w RDP, but there is a difference in performance where in 1 or 2 threaded programs they will be about the same but for more threads the i7-7xx will be faster
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