Worn batery can damage a notebook?

I have a HP pavilion DV4 notebook and my original battery started giving warnings all over the place, first win 7 shows a warning in the battery charge display, then a couple of days later it shows a warning in the bios, saying the battery is with low voltage (it apeared only once so far and i dont remenber the full mensage).

My question is, will this damage my notebook in any way (besides the possible inexpected shutdown), or will it just act normal, but with shorter battery life?

It used to last 1h 30min when I bought the notebook, now its down to 50min, but at least this something i expected to happen as it was used a lot since then, and a battery can only last so long.
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    If the battery is in such a state, any under volt that the components receive (if any) shouldn't affect the anything. What you would worry about, especially with a laptop is an over volt, which in turn can cause a major league short. One worry though are the sudden shut downs/power cuts. Some components like hard drives do not fair so well with such issues. On a side note, how old is the battery/notebook? If it is under a year or if you have a warranty, call HP support and get another for free. If not, you'll probably want to save up and buy one eventually, especially if you use it off line a lot.
  2. the batery (and the notebook) is 14 months old, just a little bit over the warranty.

    my worries were that the worned out battery would stress the components of the notebook (damage over time), the hard drive issue with unexpected shutdown is something I already knew of.

    my largest problem is the price of the batery, here (in Brasil) is something around $180 (USD) in a store, or $130 (USD) if you buy it of an e-bay like site.

    the over-volt issue you mentioned is possible to in a notebook in consequence of the weared-out batery?
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