Connecting a audio receiver to a receiver

I like to hook up 2 vintage receivers together. I remember having a hook up given to me for this but cannot find it. I was wondering how this can be done and the benefit. I am old school so do not talk about preouts there is none. I have a newer JVC amp that has pre out to surround speakers. Need vintage help.
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  1. If you are trying to use the older receiver to power the surround speakers then you would connect that pre out to any input on the old receiver except phono (aux for example). Then you would connect the surround speakers to the old receiver, select the input that you used, and set the volume control at about 10-12 o'clock. You would then set up the JVC to balance the speaker levels and use that for all functions.

    If you are hoping that the old receiver will be better than the amps in the new one then you would need a speaker to line level adapter. That would allow you to use the old receiver for front speakers. Hookup would be the same as for the other application.
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