Lenovo X60


Windows 7 is saying the battery needs replacing. It loses 1% charge per minute

I am using a replacement charger. It is 65w, 3.25a as per manfacturer spec. Is there any issue using a matched after market charger

I can get a replacement cell for £30...but it is not a genuine Lenovo cell. It does, however, come with a 1 year warranty

Is there any harm in using an after market replacement cell?

The laptop only cost me £30 with 4gb RAM and an upgraded 2.0Ghz processor (T7200) so I don't mind buying a genuine cell...but dont want to if i dont have to?


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  1. Indeed. It is definitely a bad battery you have. Generally there is no harm in using a different branded battery, as long as it was made for your specific laptop. It may not perform up to par as a genuine battery from Lenovo, but it will surely be better than what you have now.
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