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Keyboard or Monitor?

I was thinking to buy one of these. . . but I already have Keyboard and Monitor that displays 1680x1050 resolution and kinda old type... so anyone suggest me which should I buy first? because I found a shop near on my place where to buy a cheap monitor and the maker is ACCER its like 12,000 yen (because I live in Japan) -or- should I buy a new keyboard for gaming? I was thinking to buy a RAZER keyboard but I dunno which I buy :D
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  1. off topic:
    are you a native of japan or did you move there? i'm planning on taking a trip out there in march if everything goes well!

    on topic:
    for $152 the acer you mentioned is probably a tn panel. since you didnt give a model number i'd say that its a 1920x1080 which is the most common resolution now. you would see an improvement when it comes to watching 720p/1080p content but keep in mind that you would still be running a tn panel monitor which has a bad viewing angle. i tend to suggest va or e-ips panels which cost a bit more but are better in the long run. what you want to buy all comes down to how much you want to pay and what you will be using the monitor for.

    between a new keyboard and a new monitor you would probably get the most out of a new monitor first. worst come to worst you could always make do on a cheap $10 keyboard if yours fails on you until you have enough cashflow to purchase what you want.

    keep in mind that with the razer keyboard the rubber coating will wear off and so will the letters on the keys. it is also really irritating to clean. i have the mouse and it works great but i really wish the coating was not rubberized. if you want a mechanical keyboard you would be better off with a unicomp customizer or das. if you want something cheaper that works then have a look at logitech's current offerings. i've had excellent luck with that company. the logitechs will be rubber dome type switches instead of mechanical.
  2. Thanks I was foretold that if I upgrade my monitor to 1920x1080 my video card's performance may decrease on games... so is my GTX 560 twin frozr II will fail me at that resolution?

    I dont know what is this TN panel or e-ips panels. . . but the one I saw AFAIK it can turn a portrait mode. . . im not sure though...

    About the Razer Keyboards how does it fail? i mean I like how they have macros and the letters have lights on it ( does it lit when you push a buttons too?)

    off-topic: I moved here in Japan 4 yrs ago. I advice to go here in winter times because the summer here sucks >_>
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    i bought a gtx470 back when they were new tech and i'm having no trouble at 1920x1080. you aren't jumping up that much in pixel resolution so it will not take a drastic hit (if any). you should be okay.

    lcd (liquid crystal display) is only a general term for the technology. the screens can then be subdivided into three major types: TN, VA, IPS. each type has its own pros and cons. tn panels are cheaper to manufacture and boast the fastest response times (and are the only ones that can be 120hz) but also have a very narrow viewing angle. ips panels cost more to make (but e-ips which is a middle of the road product costs less) but boast better color accuracy (except e-ips) and very wide viewing angle (including e-ips). i'm not to familiar with VA but they form the middle of the road along with e-ips panels.

    tn panels are popular and will work, i just like to let people know of the other options available.

    there was a person posting just a day or so ago about the actual rubber they use to coat the keyboard with peeling off so that the numbers/letters can not be read. i just wanted to forwarn you about this. there is an on/off switch for the glowing effect.

    logitech makes a gaming series board which boasts macros, not sure if it glows (dont think it does).

    i still say a new monitor would be best first, get a new keyboard later (unless your keyboard is broken).

    off topic:
    i'm forced to go around mid march due to the other party i'm traveling with only having off for about a week and a half during that time. it should be like early spring (or so i've read). what is so bad about the summer there? if you mean hot and humid, its not that much better in the states!! (95-105 F, high humidity on the east)
  4. Thanks. About the Monitor maybe I will get it on this months salary :D because that monitor is much wider than my current monitor, also that monitor have HDMI which is good because my twin frozr II has mini HDMI on it and it comes with adapter from HDMI to mini HDMI :D

    About the Razer Keyboard I did some research on it... the one your talking about maybe Razer Lycosa, yes the keys made from rubber and it was a poor choice if I buy that... but I was thinking to buy Razer Blackwidow Ultimate which is mechanical keyboard. . . Say, what is good and bad with mechanical keyboard? aside from noise i think that noise makes me pro or something. . . the key is kinda big current to my cheap logitech keyboard. . .

    off-topic: well mid march is not that kind hot though, and yest its about spring. . . also I didnt know that states are much hotter than Japan :D
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  6. people often type much faster and much more accurately on a mechanical keyboard because of the tactile feedback upon key activation. the only bad thing about them is the noise. most mechanical keyboards come apart (keys pop off) allowing easy cleaning.

    once you've used a good mechanical keyboard.... going back to a rubber dome switch keyboard feels like a huge downgrade. the keys on rubber dome keyboards feel squishy when you press them, not the very refined smooth travel and definite click & resistance let-off of a mechanical keyboard.
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