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I just bought some speakers for my new monitor and I have my turtle beach headset setup for use with Skype and they are plugged into the pink and green inputs in the back of my PC and I have the speakers plugged into the orange because that is the only one where I could get any sound out of them. In control panel all the sound comes from my default sound device there are no other devices shown and it is set up with quadrophonic sound, so two for my headset and two for speakers. I want to be able to have my headset for Skype and have sound coming from speakers for games. Is this possible? I know that there is an option for setting default communication device and default audio but I cannot apply this because my whole setup shows as one sound device.
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  1. Setting your sound card for Quad will only send the rear channels to the speakers which will not sound right. By sound device setup means sound card. You will have to plug in each one or use a switch to choose which you use but you cannot route the signal for each program to the one you want to use.
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