Please help me to select a laptop


i am from india

i have selected two laptops

hp dv6-3052tx

ati 5650 @ 1gb
640gb @ 7200



asus g51jx-x1

nv gts 360m
500gb@ 5400

cost-69,500(including custom duty,clearence fee,intl shipping)

my problem is asus is not available in india

so i should ship it from us

g51jx-x1 is available in and ships only to us

so i know a site called they r courier service company having offices in india and us buys from newegg and ships to india

so i have requested them for g51jx-x1

so they said it will cost me 69500(cost of lap-57000,shipping-1700,custom duties and clearence-10500)

and they have already kept the g51jx-x1 in

so i can complete my transaction from for asus laptop

but i fear wether i will get with ot any problem from iccworld like any costum problems,exact product, etc

and if i get any wrong product or any thing i cant go to their office and ask them because they r in mumbai and i am in chennai

so what do u say is it better to get laptop from iccworld or to buy my self hp laptop

my main need is gaming

if u know any gamming laptop available in india cost can be upto 70000

and if u think 64,000 for hp is high and u know any other laptops with less price with near configuration of hp please share with me it will be very help ful for me

thank u
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  1. The Asus is indeed the superior laptop, i.e. the graphics card is better than the one in the HP. However, depending on the type of gaming that you want to do, the HP may not be a bad way to go. If you do not max out the games you play, you should be alright with the HP. However, if you prefer to really max out the settings, the Asus model will be the best way to go, even though it will cost you more and give you a bit of a headache with customs and the added costs involved.

    If you want to get a better idea of what to expect with the two graphics cards, check this link out:
  2. Karthik, pick a laptop that has service support in India. With eBay there is certain amount of buyer risk. A laptop is a big ticket item and I would not advice a laptop purchase thru eBay.

    One viable option is to have a friend buy the laptop from a reputable retailer, to your specifications, and then have them bring it over to Chennai. No Customs duties levied.

    Avoid the Hong Kong merchandise because you don't know what you are getting. I am not sure about Dubai merchandise.
  3. Asus laptops are generally of higher quality than HP.
    Therefore I would lean toward Asus.
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