Need a 14" laptop and several external displays

Greetings all!

Question for you - my boss is looking for a new laptop. We work with a specific piece of engineering software that is best used with several monitors. Right now we use desktops with 2 video cards for this purpose, but he wants to take his show on the road.

So: my wish list is:
A 14" widescreen laptop with a core i7 processor
The ability to connect 3 external displays - preferably 24" wides - simultaneously (no need for the laptop display).
Hopefully a docking station.......

Other than that, windows 7 Pro is it. i'm assuming I'll need a machine with a significant graphics processor or even a couple display link external gizmos.

Any ideas? I know - this is a odd one....I see a HP model, and a Dell and Alienware 11" one, but I can't figure out how to get the 3rd monitor connected.....
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  1. Depending on what your boss wants to spend, this would be a good place to start:
  2. Hey - thanks for the reply!

    The only thing is - his one request was a 14" laptop - possibly 15".

    Even at that - a 17" laptop would still have the same problem - only 1 DVI or VGA output standard. How do you go from 1 external monitor to 3?
  3. One thing I found that might work, is HP sells its "advanced dock" with 1 VGA, 2 DVI and 2 display ports. I wasn't sure what that thing could crank out - if it could smash out 3 displays or not. Even if only 2, if the displayports were 1.2 enabled, and the resolution was high enough, I could chain 2 monitors together.


    Anyone ever use that dock?
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