Hello mates,

I would like to ask for help for the following:

I would like to get a laptop with AMD quadcore proc. and a 256-bit video card from ATI. I can't seem to find a configuration like that.

Please keep in mind that i don't want intel based stuff.The laptop will be used generally for CAD programing and engineering, with a bit of gaming ofc. :)

If you can give me a link to a shop where i can buy this from i will be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Asen Georgiev
Sofia, Bulgaria
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  1. Well it really helps to have a laptop size preference... as well as $$$ budget $$$!

    You are correct that you never see them... they were playing catch-up with intel trying to get their mobile 3/4 core chips. I believe they were launched in late june, but I have yet to see them in any laptop. Looks like best buy has two HP's with them (one a quad core, one a tri-core)... but they both have junk video
  2. Well the budget is about 1500-1600$.

    I believe that Acer got a bit of a solution with a AMD quadcore based proc. but the video is still 128-bit. I think it was ATI 5670, but i don't remember correctly.

    It seems that it's like a mission impossible!
  3. This will show you what video cards are 256bit, then do a google search for laptops with whatever video card you select.
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