CPU Overheating

I have had this pc for over a year now. The cpu temp at idle was around 30 – 32 C and under full load was about 48 C. I noticed over the past few months that the temp was rising little by little. This past month it has shot up dramatically. Under full load I have seen it hit 70 C. The problem is that the cpu fan will not spin faster than 2766 rpm. I have updated the BIOS to the latest version and checked all the settings in there and the fan will still not spin higher than 2677 rpm. I know the fan used to spin faster than that.
Can someone please help me?

P4 3.0C
Asus P4P800 Deluxe
2x120GB WD Raid 0
ATI 9700 Pro AIW
1GB Corsair PC3200
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  1. what speed was the fan when the temperature was ok?

    1)clean all dust out of the heatsink and computer in general (tip: use a handheld vacuum cleaner)
    2)make sure the heatsink is on properly with appropriate amount of thermal grease on interface between cpu and heatsink.

  2. I ran into a similar problem a while back. My three week old gigabyte cooler would only spin 2500, whether it was set at 4500 or not. I unplugged it and re-plugged it in a couple of times, just checking things, when I turned it back on, it was running normal.

    What cooler do you have? Does it have a controller or temp sensor for the fan?

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  3. Check your 12v rail, using mbm. Poor fan speed is often the first indication of a failing psu.
  4. Asus board....you said you checked all the settings. Have you checked Q-fan? it's under the hardware monitor section of the BIOS. It can sometimes be a bit flakey. I have all my fans on a 4-fan controller - even my CPU fan. try turning Q-fan off if it's enabled.

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