Can Mobile P4 be used in desktop PCs?

I just got myself a free laptop that’s been gutted of components except for the laptop shell and the P4 1.8 mobile CPU.

Naturally it would be very cool if I could build a desktop PC using this processor. I’ve looked for tech docs on the net to see whether it is feasible or not but came up empty and I’ve gotten mixed responses from PC technicians that I’ve talked to. Some said it will not work and some said it might work but it would be much slower than an equivalent Desktop CPU.

Does anyone have the definitive answer to my question?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Mobile P4's are the same as desktops except that they run at lower voltage (so they tend to be clocked slower) and have 2 multipliers. That second part is the question, you see desktop boards will automatically drop the CPU to the lower multiplier. The multiplier might be adjustable to the higher one in BIOS. Also, Anandtech used the multiplier drop as a method to reach higher bus speeds around 1.5 years ago, so you might just be able to punch it up 800 bus (200MHz clock) using a modern board.

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