Installing Win7 on my old 2 disk system

I have Win XP on my system and thought it might be time to upgrade to Win7 64. I don't want Win8 and heard Microsoft will stop serving XP soon.

My question. I have a 2nd hard drive [1 TB] I keep my files on so I can reinstall the OS on the 1st HD easily.
When I install Win7 on the 1st HD, will I be able to plug my 2nd HD back up with no problems, or will it need to be reformatted somehow? There are no programs on it, just files.

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  1. 1. you can plug you 2nd HDD back and win7 will read it without problems.
    2. M$ will support XP for quit some time. If there is no specific reason for win7 64, then stay with XP. You should at least check ALL your hardware and peripherals for X64 drivers. Don't forget the printer, scanner,...
  2. As noidea said.
  3. Make sure 2nd hard drive is disconnected while installing Win 7. Then plug it back in.
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