In search of a laptop/notebook/netbook.

Hey there. I'm looking for a laptop for school and home use. It obviously has to be small and light so I could carry it around. I might play some games on it but nothing too fancy. I will also need to do programming at school.


Price: Up to £400.
CPU: Intel (no less 1.6 Ghz)
RAM: The more the better :)
Graphics: nVidia.
Hard Drive: 250Gb or more.
Size: 10"~13"

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Toshiba laptops any good?
  2. Toshibas are fine. With any laptop you must take reasonable care regarding Updates to Windows, MS Office, etc. Make sure you have a good Internet Security program such as Kaspersky. Stay away from questionable downloads and questionable sites. The same applies to desktops too.
  3. I am quite aware of laptop/desktop care. It's just that some companies are more trustworthy and time tested :)

    I can't seem to pick a Toshiba within the cost and with an Intel processor. Is it just me?
  4. Then pick another brand - HP maybe?
  5. I've found a Toshiba that I like. Toshiba T130. Is it any good for programming and photoshop?
  6. Personally, I like a larger display for Photoshop work. Check this aspect before you buy. The rest are ok.
  7. Well I need the laptop to light and easy to carry around. So far that's the best I've seen which is within the budget and has some nice specs and is also small.
  8. you looked at asus onces at all ?
  9. The ones I find are a bit too pricey.
  10. I forgot to mention that for Photoshop you need a good mouse. I use my Logitech MX 518 gaming mouse for Photoshop work.
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