GTX 580 with AV Receiver- Thoroughly confused

Building a new home theater system and had questions on connecting my GTX 580 graphics card to my receiver via HDMI for surround sound audio.

I do not have a dedicated sound card.

Will the GTX 580 be able to properly send high definition audio to the receiver?

I saw a couple postings saying the GTX 580 can't do "bitstream audio". I don't know what that means or if it applies to this situation.

Does that mean that the GTX 580 cannot pass raw, untouched audio to the AV receiver? If the GTX 580 can't do this, does that mean that it will not be able to properly do 5.1-7.2 DD or DTS surround sound?

Any help will be much appreciated. My head is spinning here.
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  1. If there is no way to properly connect the GTX 580 to the AV receiver for proper surround sound my motherboard is a Asus P8P67 Pro REV 3.0. Is there any way to connect that to the AV receiver for proper DD and DTS audio?
  2. unfortunately the 580 cannot bitstream audio, but it does still decode well and honestly PCM will be hard to tell apart (depending on how many channels it can pass across). you'll still get high quality sound, it's just not getting decoded by your AVR. i think the newer gtx 6xx cards support bitstreaming, so if that's a dealbreaker you could always check those out. best of luck buddy
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