Major and weird keyboard malfunction

Ok this has nothing to do with cpus but I need help!!

Everything was fine when I logged off and turned off my computer earlier today...

But now when I turned it back on and I get to the XP screen where you select user and enter password my keyboard keys wont work so I cant enter password!

But the keyboard is still in some sort of contact with the computer because when I hit caplocks the computer responds something like "caplocks will alter the password" or something.

Its just the letters, and numbers, on the keyboard wont go thru!

I tried anohter keyboard, same thing, and a few mouses just incase my old mouse was causing a problem. No fix!

So now Im still stuck not being able to enter my password!! :(:(:(:( what happened!

Ill throw this is as an extra piece of info, after I cant enter my password I click on that button in the lower left that lets you standby, restart or shutdown. I notice when I do that the three icons representing those three choices dont have the text under them explaining the choices. Weird....

And safe mode does the same thing. I can get in on safemode cuz theres an admin option with no password, but keyboard wont put up text on any program, but the computer does recognize that caplocks is on. so if I can do anything to fix this in safe mode lemme know!
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  1. Is this a standard keyboard?
    If yes, see if the problem persists when using an alternate boot device. Bootable floppy is good, or try the XP disc.
  2. it seems the typing works fine in DOS, just not once the windows password screen comes up. waaaah.
  3. Try an USB keyboard!

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  4. It's a driver error then. If it's a usb keyboard, try SP1.
    You may have to do a repair install, or a clean install, but before you do, see if an earlier restore point fixes the problem.
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