Looking for Quality Speakers under $60

Looking for computer speakers, subwoofer, suround sound if possible. I like quality sounds and not loud sounds, ty.
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  1. can't buy quality for cheap, but for under $60 for a pc surround system here is one for you. http://www.jr.com/coby/pe/CBY_CSP97/#productTabDetails
  2. Divoom outdoor2. 6 drivers design.Sound waves of true 15W. IPX 44 Rugged Design.You will be surprised.
  3. Since you are looking for quality not quantity 2 good speakers will be better than 2.1 or 5.1 bad ones.
    A used stereo system would be your best bet. Have any relatives with old school stereo gear in the attic?
    Check local thrift shops and Craigslist.
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