Intel P4-550-3.40Ghz???

Hey guys, I just bought this new processor and dont know much about the LGA775 design. Can anyone tell me where I can find some good info on this processor. Any input would be great. Ive got to slow down with this buying rampage I am on!!!!!!
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  1. What sort of info did you want?

    It has 775 pins, 1Mb of on-die cache, is based on a 90nm manufacturing process, and can be used for toasting marshmallows.

    Generally speaking, you really ought to ask about stuff <i>before</i> buying it :eek: ... Not that it's a terrible purchase - it's a decent performer - just that knowing the options first might have changed your choice and/or saved some cash.

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  2. Your exactly right about asking before I buy. I bought it in a retail box thats still sealed fom the factory for $202.00 That may not be a good price, but from what I had seen on some retail sites it seemed to be fairly cheap. Of course if it isnt a good processor to begin with I dont suppose that paying anything would be good. I'll learn. Usually the hard way though!
  3. has it for $289 so that is a pretty good price. It's not a bad processor, just tends to run too hot & drain too much power for most people's tastes.

    You'd need to make sure your case has good airflow if you use it, and possibly get a good third-party heatsink instead of the Intel boxed one (It works, but isn't that quiet).

    You won't be dissapointed in its performance.

    Epox 8RDA+ V1.1 w/ Custom NB HS
    XP1700+ @200x10 (~2Ghz), 1.4 Vcore
    2x256Mb Corsair PC3200LL/1x512Mb Corsair XMS PC4000 2.5-3-3-7
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  4. What are you going to be using it for anyway? If you're a gamer then go out and buy an Athlon 64 system instead

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  5. Ahh, like he already bought it... And it is a good chip... And for $200 you cant buy another chip faster...

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  6. Im not a gamer. In fact, I doubt that I will ever come close to its potential. The main reason I bought the thing was because I had recently purchased a P4 3.0E 800FSB 1MB Cashe. I paid a little to much for it. Im new to alot of this, and I got both of them off of e-bay. I paid $184.00 for the 3.0E and saw this 3.4 and decided to grab it for the low price. My thinking was simply reducing my overall cost by selling the 3.4 at a higher price than I paid for it. Im learning the ropes! You could say that I am getting a little carried away with my spending though. Given my level of knowledge!
  7. Do you even have an LGA775 board?

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  8. I don't have a motherboard for it. In fact, im still working on building a system that has a P4 3.0E FSB800, 1MB L2 Cashe. I dont really know what I was thinking other than the price seemd really good.
  9. ChipDeath: Is it always a good idea to replace the Heatsink that intel includes with their processors? Not just in the case of the socket 775 but also in the 478 processors. If so, which third party heatsinks would you use? Thanks!
  10. Not with socket 775. Use the stock cooler and a BTX case. I'm assuming you don't know how to modify anything.

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  11. Im learning. I am pretty good with certain aspects of modding. I have a lot to learn when it comes to all of the settings and how they can and do effect each other. As of now, I am not trying to jump straight into overclocking. My cut at this is to have a very good understanding of the facts before I fry something. As far as the equipment goes, I would like to have hardware that I can rev up when I feel confident enough to do so. Oh yea, the category I am really behind in is my understanding of when to keep my mouth shut! That is becoming more obvious in all 3 of my little post. Some of the reponses really make me feel at home! Im starting to think that you either dont thank someone for their help, or you tell them what an idiot they are. In fact, if everyone would just blast me at one time maybe I would get the hang of this quicker! All three of my post are about to go to crap!
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