Need advice buying a new 24-27 inch

Hi, guys so I've been looking at my 4 year old LG flatron W2452V monitor and I don't know if it's me or the old age of my monitor but it seem like it now lacks contrast. In some dark scenes it's hard to distinguish faces or even clothes. I tried playing with the settings but it wouldn't change a thing.

So I decided to look for a new screen in the 24-27 inch category. There are so many that I'm pretty lost right now....

So here are my needs

Size: 24 or 27 inches
Contrast: Best it can be, I know some VA panels are like 3000:1 sc
Budget: From 200-400$
Brand: No no name brands, but I don't really care
Panel: TN, VA or IPS\\ I prefer LED, but I can do with LCD
Response: 2-5ms, for gaming
Ergonomics: VESA support is needed, I will use a wall mount for this one so the stand could be crappy and I wouldn't care.
connectivity: Basic, I won't have any use for them anyway :).

General: So the screen will be used for about anything, from office work to movies to gaming, but mostly gaming. I want it to have a great image quality, no detectable ghosting or trailing and a good response time /input lag. I'm feeling like I'm asking for the holy grail of screens but I'm pretty sure that there is one out there and with the expertise I've seen on these forums *cough* Ubercake/Jaguar/Buwish... *cough* there is no doubt that it will be found.

Basically, I want a screen that can literally crush my old flatron and make me wish i'd changed it sooner.

Ciao! :hello:
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  1. I looked at the zr24w a couple of months ago since it's the one that popped the most for a high quality gaming screen. I kept on looking hoping to find a better one using a VA panel, such as the Benq EW lineup. They failed to impress me. So it was back to square one and some TN panels offering "amazing" images such as the Samsung new S24A and S27A or Asus VE24 or VE27 became good choices. Yet, I still wanted a great screen quality, but sadly, I don't know if the TN panels who are 1 year younger than the IPS panels perform color and contrast wise.

    If anything, i'll probably go with the ZR24W when it goes on special in a couple of weeks. Thanks Cloudy! Your help is much appreciated :).
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  3. Thanks cloudy2010, I've made up my mind. ZR24w HERE I come. Got it for 260$ new with shipping and taxes ;)
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