Log onto a windows user through a local network?

I recently purchased a dell Poweredge server for very cheap, mostly just for fun. I also got Windows Server 2012 and 2008 from being a student for free. I have a few programs I would like to be able to run 24/7 and this seems like a good solution. The thing is I don't have a ton of space right now so I would like to only need 1 monitor/mouse/keyboard. I also would rather not use a KMV. At my school we are able to log onto our windows user account on any computer in the school by connecting through the local network. I would love to somehow set this up on my new server and regular PC but don't know what its called or how to research it. It seems very similar to a VPS or remote desktop but is not really either.

Thanks for any help.

Also, I am pretty aware that this is the wrong subforum to post this in, but I will be running windows 7 on my main desktop so its kinda appropriate?
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  1. Just use Remote Desktop Connection. Google that and you'll be set.
  2. You can also use Microsoft's free Mouse Without Borders software to only use one keyboard and mouse: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35460
  3. COLGeek said:
    Just use Remote Desktop Connection. Google that and you'll be set.

    I'v set up remote desktops before, but if Possible I would like to try to set up what I was describing above. Its kind of more of a learning thing I guess. If its not possible with windows 8 and server 2012 thats fine, but I'd like to know.
  4. Sorry windows 7.
  5. So what about RDC do you not like? You already have it and keeps you with one display/keyboard/mouse and no KVM.

    You can also consider using VNC. Here is a link to get you started:

  6. why not just use your local pc as host, install apps on server map a shortcut to apps you want to run 24/7 to you're desktop.
  7. You want to run your server as a domain manager so that your desktop will look the same on every pc.
  8. How many actual boxes and monitors do you plan on having setup in the same room?
    If you will have several computers setup side by side with monitors, just use the Microsoft's Mouse Without Borders which let's you move the mouse to the left and right and it automatically switches to the next monitor and pc to control.
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