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Hello, everybody I recently decided I wanted to upgrade for music and gaming and I will show you guys 3 options and hopefully you can give me some feedback on witch one to go with.

#1 I currently have turtle beach x12 and I was thinking of maybe getting a dss or dss2 this is a good option but definetly cheaper.

#2purchase razer taimet yeah

#3 purchase either akg 701 or hd55 and add sound card later like asus xonar essence stx

thank you
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    Hey omaroma,

    I've tested 2 out of those 3 models (razer tiamat and akg 701), and both were fantastic headset, but they're tailored towards two different markets. The Razer tiamat is specifically for gaming, while the akg 701 are meant to be an all-around headset for music, movies, etc.

    It really depends what your primary use will be. If it's gaming, go for the razer tiamat; it has excellent directional audio and an external control unit that lets you switch between audio setups on the fly. See the review.

    If you're more concerned with music and general audio, than go with the akg 701s - they have a huge soundstage so they'll pick up a lot more in music scores - especially classicals - but won't stand out in gaming though.

    best of luck!
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