2500+ and Shuttle an35n. Repeated overheat restart

Well, the first time I boot the system, the screen says I have a 600mhz AMD athlon. I started fiddling around with some of the settings in the bios. I set the FSB to 200 and memory to 100% and I think that made the speed 1200mhz, but the computer shut down and the cpu overload light on the mobo came on shortly after. I read that this cpu is supposed to run at 1.8something ghz. I AT LEAST want the stock speed. I haven't even installed an OS yet.

I have NO idea what I'm doing...I keep on changing settings around in the BIOS and the computer consistanty shuts off after a minute or two after I "try again", so I must have resetted the CMOS about 900..MILLION times over the last hour, heh. It takes about 40 seconds for the computer to detect my primary hard drive, and then an additional 30 seconds to get to the BIOS after I press DELETE.

My system is as follows…
AMD 2500+ mobile (with an OCZ Gladiator 3 sitting on top of it, with thermal compound of course)
Shuttle an35n Ultra
Antec Truepower 380 W power supply
2x Corsair Value Select 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 – OEM
80gig Western Digital hard drive.

I’ve tried the following bios settings…
FSB: 166
Memory: 100%
multiplier (I think): 11
volt: 1.6
CPU: 1.833 ghz, 52C idle, then the computer shut itself down after a few seconds (overheat LED came on)

FSB: 166
Memory: 100%
Multiplier: 11
volt: 1.550
CPU: 1.833 ghz, 49C idle, ran for about 5 minutes then shut itself down (overheat LED came on)

FSB: 133
Memory: 100%
volt: 1.45
multiplier: x14
System Temp: 39C
cpu: 1.866 mhz, 54C idling in the BIOS, system shut down after 4 minutes and Overheat LED came on.

I dont understand what's happening here. I've got the "power off at 70C" turned on but the temps keep reading no higher than 52C. When I try to install windows xp pro, usually the the computer will just shut off at some point when the cd is first copying system files, kindof like I reached the maximum temp for my cpu, but immediately when I restart and check the temp in the bios, it says 52C (or something around that. Not 70C). Could this be a power supply problem? What should I try doing?
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  1. Despite the low temps, you seem to be having a thermal problem. Check to make sure that your heat sink is installed right way round, it's a fairly common mistake with some hsf.
  2. Mobile Barton 2500+ default at 14 x 133MHz on 1.45V, make sure you have your heat sink properly seated, thermal interface material applied and a fan connected into the CPU fan header.

    Some motherboards will refuse to cooperate if they do not detect any fan rotation signal from the CPU fan header, even when the massive amount of cooper sitting on top of the CPU is enough to dissipate a mere 45W of heat without the help of a fan.

    Mobile Barton 2500+ @ 2.5GHz (200MHz x12)
    Abit NF7-S V2.0
    2x 512MB of Samsung TCC4
    Sapphire Radeon 9700 128MB @ 360/310
    2x Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM RAID-0
  3. awww man you guys were so right. I had installed my heatsink incorrectly. It seems I also chipped the core...@#$%^&*(....stupid stupid mistake. I think I'm lucky because the cpu SEEMS to be running fine right now. I've got temps of 30C now.
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