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Need an external volume adjustment for stereo monitors and subwoofer

January 13, 2013 1:44:30 AM

I have a Polk Audio psw10 ( ) and am purchasing the Emotiva Airmotive 5's ( ) but don't want to use windows volume for adjusting the volume for the subwoofer and speakers during movies and games, nor do I want to use the keyboard volume slider. I was thinking about purchasing an external DAC just for the volume knob but that would only allow me to adjust the stereo speakers while leaving the sub woofer blasting.

Both the subwoofer and speakers are active so I don't need an amp. What kinds of external devices could I place between my PC and the speakers to control both audio devices at the same time with a knob of some sort. Something along the lines of the RCA cables from the PC go to a box that has a volume knob that spits and goes to the subwoofer and the stereo monitors so I can adjust both simultaneously. I have looked into receivers but every one I have seen has been for passive speakers with an amp built in, but I have all active powered speakers and don't need a receiver with an amp.

Anyone have an ideas?