What will 2 video cards do with out crossfire

Hello I built my PC a while back with a 6850 and wanted to crossfire so I bought a 7850 not realizing that they had to be the same now what can I do with 2 video cards with out cross fire.
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  1. Sell the 6850
  2. the 7850 can run 4 monitors on its own, so there is no point to keeping the 6850 in the system. Give it away, sell it, put it in a different PC, etc
  3. Give the 6850 to me xDD
  4. No, give it to me or I'll ban you :D
    Ok, I was joking. BTW DoctorDeitz, welcome to the forum.
  5. It's probably best you didn't crossfire such low end cards.

    As the other guys say sell it and either buy another 7850 is you need crossfire or sell both and get a better single GPU.
  6. Well thank you for the replys but what would happen if I just left both of my cards in would the just run separately
  7. They will run whichever screens you have them plugged in to.
  8. Whichever card isn't being used will sit in your system and waste some electricity - other than that the second card won't do anything.
  9. Thank you where should I sell it at
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