What core was the old A64 3200 1mb?

Yeah, what core was the old A64 3200+ 1mb L2?

Was there anything wrong with this chip, or did AMD just decide to lower the cache size to 512mb for performance/price reasons and thats why they discontinued this type of cpu?

I ask because a local store has one left.
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  1. The core was the clawhammer. The only reason they don't use it any more is because yields aren't as high as the 512kb models. Some the the earlier 3000+ were clawhammers that didn't have 1mb of functional cache, so they deactiviated half of it and viola, 512kb.

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  2. What do you mean yeilds?

    As in having 1mb isnt much performance diff?

    I ask because the 3200 1mb is clocked slower, at 2.0ghz, rather than the 3200 512kb's 2.2ghz.

    Which one, given they are the same price, would be a better buy?
  3. i'd get the clawhammer and some pc3500 ram, run the fsb at 210, then you'll have the advantages of both.

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  4. See, heres my choices...

    A64 3200+ 1mb cache at 2.0ghz for $200


    A64 3000+ 512kb cache at 2.0ghz for $150

    Thy are clocked the same, but the 3200 has more cache but is $50 more. Not concerned about the $50 since computer is my life so ignore that..

    So, whats faster between those two choices? I always overclock a little, or maybe a medium amount, keep that in mind.
  5. The 2 should OC just about the same. Then you end up with one chip that is about 5% faster, because it has extra cache. Is 5% worth $50 ?
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