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Hi all, recently built a new PC (GA-78LMT-S2P mobo onboard AMD 760G, ATI Radeon HD4650) and am experiencing background noise (high pitched, varies with computer usage) that's really bugging me. Thing is, it only seems to exhibit this with VISTA. Tried the usual plugging/unplugging various components, disabling onboard sound thru bios and purchased cheapo PCI soundcard. No joy. VISTA updated the onboard gfx driver to ATI Radeon 3000 series still no joy. Also tried disabling ATI HDMI component but that didn't help.
Have fired up the system using XP and Linux and and the noise isn't there.
Any help/advice would be much appreciate
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  1. The wiring inside the case needs to be separated.
    You have run the audio wires too close to the data and power supply wires..
    experimenting with separating the wires, will get rid of the noise.
    The problem is not the operating system.
  2. Thanks for the info soundguruman - much appreciated.
    The base unit was a pre-build from a company (they had installed the m/board+cpu+memory, I added the other bits). Had to re-jig their cabling a little and (fingers crossed) all appears to be running smoothly, for now at least :)
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