A buzzing sound in my newly built PC

Essentially, I have a loud high pitched noise when I have my mic on. I made this new Pc so I could render and upload League of Legends videos. I've been saving up for 3 years, so it was kind of a bummer. I know it's not the headset, cause it works fine elsewhere.

Here is an example of the noise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdgBtZubMbg (It's a gaming video, and i turned it down so that the sound wouldn't be so annoying, but if you turn the video sound up, you'll hear it.)

Anyways, I rubbed my few brain cells together, did my research, and have come to find that it's probably interference. I'd buy a sound card and be done with it, but my headphones are Plantronics Gamecom 777's which are USB headphones that emulate 5.1 surround when I use the USB. I tried using the analog, and the same issue exists, but in a different way.

Some facts: It only happens when I turn my mic on, the noise is not present with it off. I have tried evey USB port on this thing. I have a coolermaster Enforcer case. I did notice that it is very visibly reduced when I place my whole hand on the case, not just a finger or two.

I was thinking, it's interference, but how do I go about resolving that?

Any ideas?
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  1. What if you use an add-on sound card only for mic input, or will the game not allow a different sound device for mic vs output? I've never tried it but thought there was some Windows mixer feature that could integrate two different sound devices logically.
  2. So, first of all thank you for your response. I don't have an add-on, and I don't think it would solve my usb problem because on the gamecom777, the distance between the speaker and mic cords is just over 3 inches where they connect. However, what I did was plug in the USB for the headset in the front jack AND plugged in the microphone seperately in the analog spot and it works.
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