Low performance in dell laptop

I am using DELL Inspiron laptop,OS is Windows 7.It was working well.But now few days its performance is very low.Very often I get a warning "Your performance is low", and it shows a message ,"Do you want to change the color scheme to improve performance.
Two options are shown:
1.Existing color scheme
2.Windows basic 7.0 color scheme
If I click the second option " Windows basic 7.0 color scheme",perfromance is improved.
Sometimes when I switch on my laptop,I could hear a small sound.
Please help me ...
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  1. Doesn't the laptop have a CPU, RAM, HDD, GFX, or anything else besides a Dell logo? :kaola:

    Download this app and see if you can figure out the specs, you may need to run VIPRE on it and re-install your Video Drivers.
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