USB ports on laptops: why do they die on me??

Hey all,

I have a little (actually a big) problem concerning usb ports.

In the past I had a laptop, and after a few years, the USB ports would drop out on me one after another.

First, the usb device (for example a mouse) would work only when you laid the cord in a certain position. But after a while, nothing would work on that port anymore. => I ended up with no working USB ports and had to replace the laptop.

I suspect it has something to do with the inserting and pulling out of devices numerous times, which damages the ports?

I am really carefull now each time I insert my mouse, and don't try to stress the ports by wrong movements.

But 10 months ago I bought a Macbook Pro, and for about a month, both USB ports are not barely functioning! (1 has died, the other one only recognizes the mouse when I lay the cord in exact positions)

Does anyone know what's going on here?

Many thanks!
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  1. Have a look at this thread from another forum, as it may help you out:
  2. Thanks for that link!!
  3. Hmm I'm sure it's not related to the fact it's a MacBook.

    I think it is because I travel a lot, and have the "lap"top sitting on my lap a lot.

    So could it be, I damaged the hardware by bumping the usb connector of my mouse against something?
  4. It could be a variety of things. Like you said, it could be damage due to being bumped around a lot or it could be that because it is on your lap constantly, it isn't cooling as necessary, which in turn could damage the usb controllers on the motherboard. Like I said though, it could be a variety of things.
  5. I have had a USB mouse that seems to drop out on many computers. I have tested it on 6-8 computers and it seems to behave the same way.
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