CPU - Need advise before buying - for U1 server

Hello ,
I am going to build my own U1 server which going to serve as hosting server (WEB SERVER)

I am going to use : U1 case (RACKMOUNT , SIZE : U1)
and the specific case is :
you can see the details in this link:

Now I need your advise which CPU to buy.
I am going to work with windows 2003 server OS.
and to use 2*512 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM (NO ECC , the regular) (brand : KINGSTONE)

so which CPU do you recommend me to buy ? which specific model ? I don't want to buy the special cpu ver. for servers like xeon because it will too expensive and I don't going to run very hard application in this server.

note : I saw that IBM sell server and understood that
IBM X Series 306 server use Intel Pentium 4 CPU With HT / 3 GHZ / 1 MB cache

if you advise me to use Intel Pentium 4 than write me plz the specific model to use and why not other.

I realy appreciate the one who will help me in this issue.

also I need advise about motherboard for the cpu.
(I am going to use 2 HD , SATA , 80 GB with 8 MB buffer , Western Digital)
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  1. <A HREF="http://www.compucase.de/English/product129.htm" target="_new">http://www.compucase.de/English/product129.htm</A>

    Well, since Opterons are a bit pricey and Athlon 64's do almost as well, I'd probably go with an Athlon 64. The types of apps typically ran on servers tend to prefer more cache, so I'd try to find one of the older 1MB Cache versions. You pick the speed based on availability and price.

    The A64 draws much less power and creates much less heat than the P4, so it's easier to integrate in a 1U enclosure.

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