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Is looking to buy a netbook/laptop

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
July 22, 2010 10:38:01 PM

Hello there ladies and gentalman.

To keep short I m in the market for a laptop/nokebook that comes to the following points below. i will give reason of why I want to spend money right at the end.

  • Budget- around £500, cheaper the better as I can get it sooner, lets say I m not the best payed person in the world. :( 

  • Screen/Res HD ready if you don't mind 768 I think that would be, and a nice screen would be nice, i don't care if its uber reflective I ll make do somehow. Over 11inch

  • GPU I would like a Nvidia GPU, like a Ion (9400) or better, this is why I m posting this as I can't seem to find any data on mobile GPUs, which must support Cuda again I know Ion does even the lite one.

  • HDD Over 160Gb would be nice so 160+ the more the better.

  • OS Windows 7 or windows vista with a upgrade voucher.

  • memory well 2Gb would do I guess but 3 or more is alot better but I guess I can upgrade it later.

  • Build queilty must be farly well built I m not expecting metal brushed chassie or anything just the feel that it lasts, and also looks nice and sleek.

  • weight as light as possible

  • Optical drive don't have to have one lol, I can get a external easy enough.

  • battery life more than 4 hours say which would I belive put it in the ultra mobile/netbook catargory

  • Why do I want one, well althrough I shouldn't have to justify myself, I m going to anyway to avoid possible flaming and so you guys/girls can find a laptop that is better for the job althrough I did put a list up.
    I would love to get back into linux as all my attempts with my ATI GPUed desktop has failed, I think you can guess why. also all my laptops are dying due to age. or they also have a ATI card, or both. I would like to nick my sisters but I don't think she would let me have it ( decent spec toshiba) so I gotta get one off my own back and I m on bad wages ( not for my age just in general).

    I will be doing a bit of gaming on it, I m not expecting too much, but that is the reason why I want a ion (9400) or better but I dunno what is better in Nv terms xD as there are no charts. I did see a GT210M not sure how good that is through, I m mostly around desktop. no one seems to care about laptops. Also Nvidia has far better linux drivers than AMD/ATI which can do 3D, since I want it for linux that is ideal.

    As I stated I do want it for gaming and linux, two things that don't mix, I know but its getting better, also as i stated I would love to get into linux, plus doing it on the move is a great way to spend my time, for example on a train or something. i will be keeping windows through, just in case.

    the list of games I would like to play.
    Half life 2 and esps
    L4D (both) if possible
    hearts of iron 2
    fallout serois ( the older onces I don't see fallout 3 working)
    alien swarn...that really does not need a 2.4Ghz CPU in my option
    Commandoos the older onces not strike force
    any other game I can get away with really
    I would like to play on these low/meduim with native res give or take

    I ve already looked into the asus 1201N which can play HL2 based games at meduim to high native res so thats my benchmark

    thank you for reading/helping

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    July 22, 2010 10:41:08 PM

    I m sorry for that I was trying to edit my first post

    *edited in

    CPU I would like a dual core CPU again on laptops I m fairly clueless as there is very little to go on.

    all I know is that i7 is the best well atom is not :p