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I have a G71GX-RX05 <insert groan here>.

I am looking for the most powerful 17" laptop cooler that there is.

I don't care about price.
I don't care about sound.
I don't care about USB.
I don't care about how it's powered.
Just raw CFMs Augh Augh Augh!

On a lighter note, It would also be nice if the intake for the cooler was on the sides, and not the bottom since I would ideally like to put it on my lap at times. This isn't necessary since I use a laptop TV tray thingy most of the time.
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  1. Have a look at these:


    Depending on the cooler you choose, at most you'll probably only see at most a 6 degree drop in temps, so do not expect too much from one.
  2. Are you familiar with the G71GX? Just drilling holes in the case lowered it more than 6 degrees.
    It's a really horribly cooled system. A Core 2 Duo and a GTX260M with nothing more than a 30mm blower fan.

    And yeah, thanks. I saw that link. Looking for something that rivals the NZXT in terms of design. The CPU and gpu are within an inch of each other (99% of the heat) and are located Center-Back. As I recall reading, the Zallman had it near the center.

    I plan on using copper heatsinks in addition to the case mod and the cooler. Individually, each of these things might only knock it down a few degrees, but combined it could be significant. (Not to mention 6 degree drop is quite a bit.)
  3. I just realized that came out a lot more crass than I intended it to.
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