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i have a 73 inch 840 series tv 16 speaker sound bar .when people talk u can hear static in their voices even at a lower volume level. and its a yr old and ive never changed settings on the tv. i bought it brand new. all factory setting remain the same. any thoughts?
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  1. the speakers are blown
  2. not sure how this would happen. factory settings r the same i thought maybe i had a bad hdmi cord. it makes this buzzz sound in the voices through the xbox awell. but doesnt when a commerical is on . all i get is a round a round from mitsubishi to change settings and reset but nothing changes. its done this since i bought it just cant stand it any longer. 16 speaker sound bar sounds like crap. and these tvs cant sound as good as the demo in the set up guide. anybody else have this problen with their 73840 series mit. tv
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