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I installed an XP3000+ on an A7N8X-E Deluxe. I used the good old Vantec Aeroflow cooler that I had laying around, and was getting idle temps of @ 50 C. That was a little higher than I would like to see, so I asked around, and was given the advice the the best cooling/noise ratio for that processor would be a TT Silent Boost. After installing the Silent Boost, my idle temp is now @53 C! I removed the cooler (it was a bitch to get off, I scraped some plastic off the nubs) to make sure it was seated properly and that the AS3 was on properly, and re-installed it, but I'm still getting @ 53 C idle.

First of all, are these "normal" idle temps for an XP3000+? They seem a little high to me. Second, everything I've heard says that the Silent Boost should outperform the Aeroflow, not the other way around.

I've also read some posts saying that the temps on the Asus NForce-2 boards can be way off, any truth to this? I have the latest BIOS update.

BTW, the ambient temp of the room is about 22 C, and I do have good airflow through the case. The case temp is @ 25 C.

The PC is running fine with no lock-ups or errors, and I'm not a "cooling freak", but the idle temps still seem a little high to me.

Thanks for your help/opinions.
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  1. 2800+ and up XP chips do tend to run hot. Considering your case temp, your CPU temp does seem a little warm. Also its not just Asus nForce boards, its pretty much everyboard (ok not every, but many boards) that don't report temps correctly. Most of the time manufacturers adjust these temps in BIOS updates.

    Anyways anything below 60° under load is fine, you can actually run hotter than this without any problems.

    Try touching your heatsink while the computer is running, does it feel warm? If so the 53° figure is probably correct.

    Whats your temp under load?

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  2. That is definatly a little high for those chips. I believe 60C is about the max for the barton.
    Are you using thermal paste between the cpu and heatsink? If not get some arctic silver 5 in there.
    What are the rpm's of the fan? Maybe it is running a little slow or something.
    Do you have any way of checking the temp other than the motherboard sensor? There is a chance it is the motherboard giving you a false reading. I have had a simple bios update fix that in the past.

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  3. The temp under load (Prime 95 Torture Test) is @ 58-59. I've NEVER had a HS get THAT warm before!

    The HS is warm to the touch.

    It still seems awfully warm to me. I thought the Silent Boost was supposed to be a pretty good HSF. I'm almost ready to put my Aeroflow back on there, at least it's a few degrees cooler.

  4. Yeah, I'm using AS3, and I pulled the HSF off and re-applied everything just to make sure it was on correctly. Same result.

    The large fan on the Silent Boost is designed to run @ 2500 RPM for quietness. It is running at that speed.

    I don't have any other way to check the temp besides the BIOS reading. I am using the latest BIOS from ASUS.

    Something just doesn't seem right. I can't believe it's actually running at 53 C idle.

    Is anyone out there running the same MOBO and CPU? What are your temps?

    Like I said, I'm not a freak about temps, but this does seem a LITTLE high to me. I would expect it to idle maybe in the mid forties or so.

  5. Try touching the heatsink while the computer is reporting these temps, does it feel pretty warm? Or does it feel cool?

    Touch a power supply screw or something to ground yourself, just for saftey. Don't want to shock anything in there (Even if it is unlikely).

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  6. Are u running a generic psu? Amd recommends a psu with a large lower fan. This really does help keep the chip cooler.
    imho vantec coolers are better. Key is, they need to be cleaned often.
  7. The heatsink is warm, but not exactly hot.

    Thank You.
  8. I have a 400W Seasonic which has a large 120mm fan on the bottom pulling air out.

    With this exact same setup, except an XP 2400+ and the Vantec Aeroflow, I was getting idle temps of @35 C and full load temps of @40-41. I just can't believe the XP 3000+ is THAT much hotter.

    Can one particular chip run hotter than others of the same model? Maybe mine runs hot?

    Thank You.
  9. I have the same "disappoitement" feeling for the SilentBoost.

    I have a XP2800+ Barton and I have 49ºC idle time average.... during sumertime I can see it climb up all the way up to 55ºc on idle

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  10. Yeah, I don't get it, all the hardware reviews and the recommendations I saw from people on message boards said how great this thing is. People were saying it dropped their temps 5, 10, 15 degrees over their old coolers. I even saw a couple of hardware reviews that had it cooling nearly as well as a Volcano 11, but at a fraction of the noise.

    It is quiet, I'll give it that, but I'm pretty disappointed in the cooling performance.
  11. Ok. I got a XP 2400+ and a Thermaltake Silent Boost with Artic Silver on a Asus A7N8X Deluxe. My temps are 40C idle, and 44C load. My case temp is 20C. You only need a litle bit of that Artic Silver thermal paste. If you put too much, it will do more harm than good. The Asus Probe isn't always accurate. Run 3DMark or something, then restart and check the temps in the BIOS. Those seem to be more accurate. Even when I overclocked my XP 2400+ to 2.17 GHz, the CPU temp didn't even budge.
  12. When I had my XP 2400+ and the Vantec Aeroflow on the A7N8X-E Deluxe, my idle temp was @ 35 and full load was @ 40-41. When I switched to the 3000+ (still using the Aeroflow), my idle temp was around 49-50 and full load was @ 56.

    When I started using the Silent Boost, idle was @ 52-53 and full load was @ 58-59. I even removed the HS and cleaned it and the processor and reapplied the AS3 just to make sure everyhting was OK.

    I'm using AS3, and I know to use only a thin, even layer. I've installed dozens of Heatsinks using AS, so I think I do have the procedure down pretty well.

    That's why I'm so confused, the temps seem way too high. I expected about 40-45 idle and about 50 full load with this setup.

    I wondering if AS5 would make a difference in the temps?

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  13. Truthfully the heatsink will squeeze out any extra thermal compound, so with most newer setups it really isn't possible to get to much on there, as it will press out extra. Anyways like I said you would be surprised how much warmer the 2800, 3000, 3200 chips run compared to lower chips. I went from heatsink to heatsink when I got my 2800+ as I figured something had to be wrong, talked to a couple friends, both told me those chips just run hot. I finally ended up with a GigaByte 3D Cooler Pro, which keeps my temps under control.

    If your heatsink does feel warm, your temps are most likely correct.

    Switching from AS3 to AS5 isn't going to make a difference. Surface prep is more important than the thermal compound. If the heatsink surface is rough, lapping it will help some.

    Your temps are still reasonable, so I wouldn't worry to much about it. The fact is your heatsink is meant to be quiet, it cools better than many quiet heatsinks, but obvisuly if it moved more air (was louder), it would cool better.

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  14. If you want cooler, change the fan, 27.5 cfm is nothing to brag about. There are a lot of 80mm fans that push a lot more air.
  15. Yeah, I was trying to balance quietness with performance. The PC is in my living room, so I don't want a GE Jet Engine cooling my processor. The Aeroflow was nice and quiet, but I thought that the Silent Boost would cool a little better.

    From all of the feedback I heard about the Silent Boost, I was just hoping the cooling performance would be at least a LITTLE bit better.

    The heatsink isn't lapped perfectly, but it is pretty smooth out of the box.

    It sounds like you went through the same thing I'm going through with high temps.

    The PC is running fine with no lock-ups, so I guess I'll live with the temps, for now at least. I don't want to drive myself nuts worrying about it.

    BTW, when I removed the Silent Boost to re-check it, it was on so damn tight that I had trouble getting it off without "shaving" a little plastic off 3 of the lugs. That has NEVER happened to me before with all of the heatsinks I've installed. Should I be concerned about weakened lugs, or maybe a heatsink that isn't tight enough on the processor?

    Thanks for all of your help.

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  16. This would do the trick:

    <A HREF="http://www.coolerguys.com/840556017042.html" target="_new">http://www.coolerguys.com/840556017042.html</A>

    84 cfm

    If that doesn't drop your temps your out of luck (and you'd have a loud computer).


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  17. Quote:
    BTW, when I removed the Silent Boost to re-check it, it was on so damn tight that I had trouble getting it off without "shaving" a little plastic off 3 of the lugs.

    I'm still not sure what you have shaved. Do you mean the tabs on the socket on the motherboard?

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  18. Put a vantec tornado on the TT hs, but use a fan speed controler, so you can decide between cool and loud.
  19. Yes, the mounting tabs, a lot of people I know call them socket "lugs".


    Computers didn't drive me to drink, but they sure keep me drinking.
  20. Damn, a Tornado, I don't want my PC to lift off the ground!

    Don't those things run at like 55 db?

    Computers didn't drive me to drink, but they sure keep me drinking.
  21. I have my XP2700+ with a TT Silent Boost, with an even reduced rpm (~1900rpm), the temperature never went above 56C, usually idle with ~48C, this is during summer time. for now, idle temperature is about 43C, and never went above 50C, so I guess it could be going even lower during Winter time

    usually I run my pc at 1300MHz (100x13), which significantly reduced cpu/system temperature by about 5~7C, when I need to play games, encodig things, I raise fsb to full speed 166, then switch back

    So if the 2700+ idle at 48C, it wouldn't surprised me that 3000+ idle temp is 50C+, as there are much more transistors in the processor core and run at same clock speed

    I would say you don't have to worry about ur temperature, they are fine
    btw, you could also try to reduce Vcore to reduce heat
  22. i deffinatly feel depressed about the tt silent boost i run one with an xp2500 and although it is quiet so i cant complain my idle is around 47 so not to bad but yes it was overated in the reviews imo. but it is quiet so what can u do i really dont like loud computers and that doesnt mix when having a cool air rig.
  23. hi i fitted a xp3000+ a few days ago with the stock heatsink and fan. am getting an idle temp between 39%-42% depending on room temp, this is a few degrees lower than my old xp2600+. hope this helps.
  24. Some Amd chips ship with better hsf units. The best ones are by AVC, and usually have a label calling them 112C81. Not only do they get rid of a lot of heat, but they are quiet as well. Just the same, they are not as good as the vantec aeroflow. ( the aeroflow is a little noisier.)
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