Aspire 7520G black screen after new GPU

Hi people!

Here is something to solve for you guys.. I'm pretty desperate already :(

I just recently bought Ati Mobility Radeon HD 3650 to replace my old broken Geforce 8600M GS. The card is compatible with my laptop, which is using Vista Premium 32bit.

Installation of the card went just fine and nice until problems began. I booted my laptop and saw the usual Acer logo. After that came black screen where it said something about hardware changes and that windows cannot boot.

I chose to let windows repair problems (stupid me) instead of picking normal boot. Then there was nothing. Black screen. I rebooted but now it wont even let me into BIOS. Same with desktop display, it just gives me -no display-

What the hell did just happen? Why did Vista kill my new Radeon?

I have tried these things:

* Try broken 8600M GS, works fine in safe mode via using desktop display (laptop display full of graphical bugs, cant do anything but otherwise windows boots fine etc.)
* Removing old nvidia drivers using driver sweeper
* Update BIOS succesfully (1.08-1.33)
* Made sure many times that the card is succesfully placed in.

Because I can't even access BIOS there isn't much I can do.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm really clueless and frustrated right now :/
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  1. If possible, you may have to download the driver for the card and try to install it via the windows disk. There is usually an option that will let you load a driver in Windows set up. You do not have to go through with re-installing windows, just try to load the driver via a USB drive or something like that, get out of the install and see if it will boot.
  2. Hmm..

    With Radeon in I can't do anything. So its hard to install drivers.. there is no windows set up.

    Could you mean installing ATI drivers beforehand? Not working for me.. won't let install them because the new card obviously isn't in.. and installing drivers usually require the card?

    What do you mean by windows disk? Recovery disc? I don't have any windows installation discs, unfortunately. I have USB stick though, which I used to flash BIOS :)
  3. I'm about 95% sure that the problem here was the GPU itself, so I sent it back. I'll update this thread as I get more to know was the fault there.
  4. Were you lucky afterall? I have the same problem...
  5. The 8600GS has some problems with overheating and breaking.
    If you do not get any image at all try this:
    - remove back cover
    - remove fan
    - remove CPU cooling (copper/metal cooling stuff)
    - remove GPU cooling
    - place CPU cooling + fan back
    - keep open part up, so GPU is pointing up and keyboard is facing down
    - boot laptop without GPU cooling
    - wait until laptop auto shutsdown due to GPU overheating
    - perform start and overheat for about 3 times
    - remove fan
    - remove CPU cooling
    - place back GPU cooling (mind cooling paste)
    - place CPU cooling (mind cooling paste!)
    - place fan
    - place cover
    - wait some minutes
    - turn laptop around, boot, hopefully that worked!
    (if works only for few hours you could also carefully heat the GPU in oven or with hair dryer, google this first for manual!)
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