Advice Required - Purchase Pending.

I am looking for the best 23" - 27" monitor for gaming. I hear 24" is the best but I will take all advice.

1. Brand doesn't matter but I prefer Samsung, Asus, Lg or Viewsonic.
2. Warranty has to be at least 1yr standard prefer 3yr.
3. 2ms response time NO 5ms+.
3. NO 120hz.
4. NO 3D.
5. NO 16x10.
6. NO 1920x1200.
7. 1920x1080 Only NO LESS.
8. HDMI or DVI compatible.
9. Speakers do not matter.
10. Tilt and Adjustments do not matter.
11. Thin Bezel would be awesome.

Graphics Card 5870 2gb solo.

Games I play currently are Borderlands, Resident Evil 5, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Combat Arms.
Also I watch Blu-Rays, Online films, and Netflix.

If you would suggest a 16.10 or 1920x1200 please explain why I don't understand why I would use them.

Please feel free to give me any advice appreciate you all.
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  5. And how much do you plan on expending?

    For $279 you can have the PLANAR PX2710MW which attends all of your wishes.
  6. Haha sorry this answer took so long dude. I just got here not a month ago.

    Anyways, your requires are pretty simple to meet. There's TONS of great monitors like that.

    Most of ASUS's monitors meet your requirements. ViewSonic makes great monitors too.

    I actually really enjoy 27" monitors but some people have a problem with the pixel density of 27" monitors @ 1980 x 1080.

    In terms of recommendations, check our site if you want more in depth reviews. However, if you want some quick answers here are my top 3:

    1. ASUS ML248H

    - Greatest looking monitor out of the bunch.
    - 2ms response time
    - slim & light

    2. ViewSonic VX2453mh-LED

    - 2ms response time
    - speakers/audio out/headphone out
    - slim & light

    3. ASUS VS248H-P

    - Very pretty
    - 2ms response time
    - good amount of features

    I've only used the first two. I should get my hands on the VS248H-P soon. It's a very nice monitor I'm looking forward to reviewing it.

    Andy H.
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