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I have a new system that has just started running, the system is running normal clock speed with a thermaltake volcano 11, the temps are showing at low 60's load... the fan has two intakes located on the side at the bottom of the case and i have an 80mm fan located on the back of the case under the power supply as well as the large internal fan on the power supply that pulls air from right at the cpu.... any suggestions?
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  1. If it's a new set-up it may take 2 weeks to reach it's normal temps. You see this a lot with AS-5 and the normal AMD thermal grease. You need a front intake fan and some patience. <65C under load is OK.

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  2. 3200+ XP chips are known for running hot. Your temps are towards the upper maximum "safe" limit, it could go farther, but generally I always recommend CPU temps stay under 60°. Make sure your heatsink is seated properly, and your themeral grease is properly applied. On that Volcano 11 are you using the thermal control, or the manual control? How fast is the fan spinning?

    Do you have the latest BIOS update for your board, many boards report temps wrong, and generally the manufacturers release fixes to "adjust" this.

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