Huge Problem, messed something up. need help.

OK here we go, basically i was trying to open battlefield bad company 2 (BFBC2) but the icon i was using didn't know what program to open, so i manually set it to open with the BFBC2.exe. But the problem is, my computer now thinks that everything needs to be open through the BFBC2.exe file.

Here is a screen shot if you don't know what im talking about. Its showing everything as wanting to open with utorrent atm, i was testing some things out to try and get it fixed.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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  1. Open a command prompt and type "assoc .exe". It should say:


    If it doesen't, type in "assoc .exe=exefile". See if that solves the problem.
  2. ok nvm feel free to delete this thread.

    i just did a system restore and it worked.

    epic fail on my part.

    edit: Oh and thanks ijack for the help, ill remember that for the future.
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