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WMC video flicker through reciever only???

January 20, 2013 8:27:50 AM

what im working with:
windows 8 pc
yamaha reciever
samsung led smart tv (2010 i believe)
a monster cable, rocket fish and 2 generic hdmi's

I didnt kno if i should post this under windows 8, home theater or here, but i posted it here just because it is my receiver that is causing the problem. so I have a very bizarre problem that has got me at my wits end.

I have my pc hooked up to my receiver through hdmi then to my tv. when using windows media center i am getting a flickering black screen, but heres the weird part...

it only happens when
-its in full screen mode
-so far its only when we are watching a recording of the office.

im not sure if it would flicker live during that show, but we have the 2 most recent episodes of the office and it has an annoying random flicker through the entire episode. the audio is completely uninterrupted by the way. this also does not happen if i hook the pc directly to the tv. I have also tried using different configurations of a monster cable and rocket fish hdmi as well as 2 generic cheap hdmi's i was using before, nothing changed. Ive gone through the "tv setup" settings of wmc multiple times, ive tried using a different hdmi port on the receiver as well as the tv. i am stumped.

after i decided to admit defeat and just go with a strait connection to the tv and deal with a 2 channel speaker setup for some odd reason my pc now refuses to send sound through hdmi directly to the tv. so i messed around with that for a while before deciding to go back to the receiver and have made the temporary compromise of putting wmc in window mode and just stretching it out for that show.

any suggestions are welcome, thank you.