Please help - another "Identifying network" loop

All - I have a win 7 home edition that is caught in the "identifying network" endless loop.

All of this was set in motion by some adobe update.

I have tried to do some reading on the subject, but I definitely need some help.

I do not have any anti-virus running. I have windows firewall turned off.

I cannot run ipconfig/reset - the computer gives me an error.
I can force a static IP, but from what I read, that won't solve this specific issue, since I cannot see the DNS servers at all.

I set the MTU to 1468, so I am guessing that is not the issue.

Cable is good / changed routers also, just for fun / other wired computer works / wireless laptop and wireless tablets works - so the problem is definitely in win 7 itself.

I cannot do a system restore, as I think I do not have sufficient cache allocated presently.

I have performed the "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" - this does not remedy the situation.

I have not yet tried to get a driver and reload it, but I have disabled / enabled the network adapter several times...

What should be my next steps?


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  1. The error message says your RPC server is unavailable. Did you fiddle around with the service settings? Otherwise not running any anti-virus might be the start of the problem.
  2. I followed some instructions to load the task bar, etc. to overcome the limited loading due to the RPC server error.

    I am not running any antivirus that I know of...

    The RPC server error is keeping me from running ipconfig/reset.

    Also - I have run a flush - that did not help either....
  3. have you check dns settings in your router yet?
    set static dns to googles dns
    server 1
    server 2
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