Need help with OC a LGA 775 P4 3.4 with 533DDR2 --

Hey all,

I wanted to get some info about how do i know how much to OC this CPU? I would like to get 3.6 or 3.8 out of it, but i am not sure what is really needed.

I was planing on buying the Abit AA8x motherboard as tom gave it a good review.

My question is this.

1. Do i need a watercooled setup to OC?
2. What Powersupply should I buy? I want something that runs cool and its loud!
3. If i buy water cooled setup, should I go koolance?
4. If not water cooled, what CPU fan should I get?

I have 3 PC's in my office, so keeping the noise down low is what i want my goal to be while keeping my system running cool.

Any input would be great!

Thank You,

Greg A.
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  1. You will be able to reach those clock speeds on air, pushing 4GHz+ would require a bit more thought on cooling.

    OCZ Powerstream 520 is a good choice for power supplies but there are a few choices off the shelf too.

    You would need to make a custom bracket to fir LGA775 socket, the socket 478 kit does not fit.

    Thermaltake has a good one but it is kinda loud. If you were to overclock some it would be an acceptable choice.

    Check out the Antec Superlanboy case, it has a pair of 120MM fans at front and back.

    You will have no problems overclocking that mobo to the speed you want.

    Im running LGA775 rigs now and speak from experiance.

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  2. ok i didnt get a water cooled system, I got the Abit AAB durmax MB. What are the settings to OC my P4 3.4? do right now its set to 17x, what should i change it to 18x? I would like to go 3.6 or faster. I am useign teh auqua fan cooler copper version.

    Thank You,

    Greg A.
  3. You can bring up the front side bus to increase the CPU clock speed. use the GURU and let it try some of the default OC's in the profiles.

    You cannot change the multiples.

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