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Hello all,
I currently have a Samsung B2430 24’’ LCD monitor which I bought last year. I would have gotten an IPS but the prices were too high back then. Now I am thinking of getting a Dell U2312HM LED IPS monitor.
There are a few things I want to know before buying, one of them is its suitability for games which I will be mainly using it for. I have read the review for U2311 and found it’s quite good for gaming (low input lag, ghosting response time etc...) so I am hoping it will be the same. The reason I am worried is that I don’t want an inferior gaming experience compared to my current monitor.
Another thing is because there is no HDMI connection I will be forced to use HDMI to DisplayPort cable to connect my PS3 (DVI will be occupied by PC) so I want to know if there will be any loss in image quality?
Lastly is it really worth upgrading? Any comments will be highly appreciated.
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  1. I use nothing but ips monitors. Definitely a step over others.

    I would go with a dvi splitter or switch.
  2. IPS monitor with good response times such as the dell u2311h is much superior to your samsung screen. The only thing that will probably be a problem will be scaling with the console... depending on the games. Other than that, TN to IPS will be a great improvement overall. I'd say go for it, dell is having a sale each day and my guess is that the u2311h will be in one of those sales. If you wanna upgrade this is a good opportunity.
  3. If you get a 1920x1080 monitor you will have zero scaling issues.
  4. the 2311h is 1920x1080, so the scaling issues are not existant. Thank you for the specification ssdx :P it's pretty important.
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