How To do a complete restore for Acer laptop


Recently my laptop start to run REAL slow & I discovered that the C Drive is almost full even when I hardly save anything there except for my iTunes library which contains about 1000 songs. Tried everything to fix the situation, even system restore. Nothing works, so I'm thinking of doing a complete system restore.

How do I do a complete restore for Acer Aspire 5050 laptop if I do not have a recovery cd?
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  1. A system recovery you mean? To do so you would press alt+f10 as soon as you turn the laptop on to access the recovery partition. Keep in mind that a recovery will restore the laptop to factory settings, which in turn will wipe all of your files, i.e. music, so ensure that you have everything vital backed up.
  2. Thanks. Tried that but it still doesn't seem to solve the problem. I'n totally puzzled by it.
  3. I'd love to set my ACER back to it's factory presets, but when I try, it asks for a password. I've never set a password, so obviously I have no idea what it is...
    Anyone have suggestions?
  4. i have a aspire 5315-2153 and i do not have a recovery cd it stop working an 1hour ago what to do
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