Pcl xl error subsystem kernal

hi, I am printing to a lexmark t-642 laser printer, have it connected to my PC via lpt1, using software running unidata OS via pick basic language to print a document that contains a barcode, it works fine on my PC, but another user with the same setup keeps getting PCL XL error Subsystem KERNAL, ERROR illegal tag
operator 0x4c
Position 9. The barcode prints, but the two line pre-ceeding it do not print, and everything after it seems mis-aligned. I ahd them re-load the printer driver, but no dice.it seems strange that the two data line that are supposed to print before the barcode do not print, like they are getting lost. The error prints first, on a seperate page, then the barcode and the rest of the document, but the first two lines are lost, the barcode is not printing in the right spot, and all the data lines under it are wacky. Any odeas would be appreciated
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