Best Sounding Headset Under 100 Dollars?

I have just recently broke a Plantronic Gamecon 377 Headset. It was a on a whim buy at BestBuy. I am looking for the best quality sounding headset that uses a 3.5mm connector apposed to usb. I need it to be under 100$. The gamecon has pretty good sound with it getting pretty loud when I plug it into my Z2300. I expect the sound quality to be better since I am assuming Ill be spending more than 49.99 which was what my Gamecons were. The inline control sucked so anything different would be a plus.

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  1. Headset with mic or just headphones?

    If phones audiotechnica m50, hard to beat them.

    If headset, no clue as i dont use them.
  2. I personally would not buy a headset, get a good pair of headphones with a zalman clip on mic or you could buy another microphone. I have been using the Sennheiser HD555s and absolutely love them there is a newer version of them which is the 558 but that will be way out your price range. If you do the HD555 mod which you can find on youtube you can get them to sound almost as good as their more expensive brothers HD595.

    I would never buy a headset from steelseries razer logitech etc... its just a waste of money get a good quality pair of headphones.
  3. hi i have wrote a lens about which headphones i believe are best and under 100, check it out -
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