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i have a dell pc used to work well but unfortunately the buit in vga card went worse. I decided to leave it finding for the new vga card. once I got it and place it in the slot no signal message appeared. i tried every possibility nothing worked. ultimately i changed the processor and it worked but i can find on one thing at a time either hdd or cdrom. i set jumpers well and nothing went ok. i left it for some days as i was busy for something else. yesterday i decided to start with it the most intersting thing is it doest work at all. what i can see is only the mobo led no other reaction. now i feel tired as whenever i leave it diferent trouble happens why. can any one help?
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  1. Randomly changing jumpers and the like can cause more issues if you have no idea what you are doing. The best would be to go back to stock and troubleshoot from there.

    You said onboard video burned out, any chance it is also affecting the MB? Since dell uses their own boards you might be in for a headache.
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