Toshiba qosmio f60-11c freeze problems at startup and randomly during operation

My toshiba freezes a lot,also freezes at start ups, harddisk icon doesn't blink at all. If I wait some time it's fan turns crazy with a loud disturbing noise. I installed the system(win7x64) a couple of times but problem is still on.

Any suggesetions?
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  1. Did the problem coincide with adding software (for example upgrading to Win7) or have you added memory ?

    Otherwise look at hard drive issues -- though these should have shown up when Win7 was formatting the drive.

    The fan will come one more frequently in warmer weather -- but check you're not blocking the vents or there's crud inn them.
  2. This is a new laptop, only 3 months has passed. There must not be a crud in.

    And it is doing updates as usual. I do not think updates are the reason.

    But I did some investigation about heat issue. I found similar problem in toshiba's site resulting from a crude heat sink. Now I'm using laptop without load nearly.

    It's results OK now but I do no get how it is freezing at startup?
  3. If it's only 3 months old, these are questions for Toshiba.
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