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Razer Megalodon repair help

January 23, 2013 12:32:52 AM

So a little background on my issue. The headset was working fine for about 2 months after it's sudden 'stroke'. I was playing games and went to grab a drink so i took off my headset like i usually did and put it on my desk only to come back and not hear anything from the right headphone. I haven't thrown it on the desk with vicious force or anything like that, I also made sure that the cable didn't have any knots in any part of the headset, I treated it very carefully. I haven't changed any of the settings since they were working just fine. Anyhow i decided to contact Razer with my problem. Long story short, there will be no refund on the headset, because I don't have a receipt for it. (I won it through a contest) They aren't able to help me with fixing it on my own either:

Dear Razer Customer,

After seeing that the description of the issue, it seems that the warranty is voided because there is no (Proof of Purchase). I really regret to tell you that we would not be able to process a warranty claim for the Razer Megalodon.

Razer do not offer repair or replacement for peripherals that the warranty is voided , as we find it faster and simpler to just replace any faulty peripherals if it is still within the warranty period.

The only thing that I can think of where the problem might be is the wiring inside the headphones (not visible) perhaps a pin has disconnected somehow?

Btw, I checked if the headset is working on a different laptop and again no sound from the right headphone.

Perhaps someone is capable of helping me how to take the headset apart and fix it (if that's the issue at all) which would be much appreciated.

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