Dell or Compaq. which one is better brand in laptops

i want to buy a new laptop, have a limited budget, not able to decide which one of the 2 dell or compaq HP is better brand. thanks for ur help.
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  1. It depends on who you ask. If you were asking me, I'd go for Dell in a heart beat. In comparison to Compaq/HP, Dell's are far more reliable and will last you the longest. Plus, I've found their customer support to be excellent. Here's a bit more on laptop reliability:
  2. They both do good and bad models
  3. I loved Compaq until HP bought them out, not a fan of Dell anymore either.
    looking at:
    Get the Asus or Toshiba.
  4. I use compaq and its quite good and the way I use it, it makes me feel good because it has high scores in it's assessments. I'de better prefer on using compaq since I don't even know what Dell is!!! I am currently collecting HP/Compaq laptops.
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