Intel Fanboy needs directions...

Aight here's what. I've been an Intel fanboy for some time now, but seeing P4 3.2Ghz Extreme Edition barely catching up with an Athlon 64 3200+ makes me sick. Also, with all the "Athlon 64 is better for gaming" things I heard around the forum, I decided to give it a try, but I'm way too unexperienced with Athlon 64 systems - Like which sockets they use, what are their cores (I even heard that there is a core which is 200Mhz faster, is this true?), which motherboards I should go for, and so on...

Is there anyone here that can set me straight? Hell I even had a full list of components for my new PC coming this christmas (P4-Based), but THG's Video 10 definately changed my mind. :(
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  1. Certainly, get an A64 board with nForce3 250GB chipset, Socket 939.

    But since you're building later, consider newer Socket 939 boards that will be out by then. nVidia has a new PCI-Express chipset on the way.

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  2. I'll be building a system to last...1 or maybe 2 years without any interest in upgrading, therefore if socket 939 is more expensive just because I can use it for further upgrading, then its obsolete to me. I'm looking at the 3400+ socket 754. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi !

    first advice get quality brand name RAM. like kingston or whatever.

    For a good motherboard i would look at :
    MSI K8N NEO Plat Athlon64 Socket754 Nforce3
    ASUS K8N (deluxe or not )depends on the features you need.

    With a 3400 like you want, and a good vid card that will last you good.

    socket 754 is same as 939 except for one diference
    754 is SINGLE channel ram versu dual channel for 939
    not much difference IMO.
    socket 939 might have newer chipset soon, like PCI express.
  4. Intel fanboy direction =====> Pit of fanboy dead

    Nah seriously it depend on what you have may already have a decent intel system. What are your specs?

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  5. THere is skt754 and skt939. The 754, supposedly, is being phased out, and the cpus widely avilable for it stop at 3400+. 939 has faster cpus, starting with the lowest (just introduced recently) 3000+. 939 also supports the FX series, additionally 939 supports Dual-DDR which I believe is extremely sad it was not included in skt754, while the system before it (athlon XPs) had it and it worked fine.

    Go with skt 939 and dual DDR.

    A combination Ive noticed that seems to work above and beyond for most people is MSI boards and OCZ memory, you may want to look into that.+
  6. Good idea on not getting the 939 if you want to save a few bucks, not much though. I got the Socket 754 cuz like you said, a system for a 1-2 years and no upgrades. When you do buy a new CPU the 939 will be obselete.

    The DFI Lan Party UT 250GB is awesome and only $120-130. I have an Athlon 3200+ running at 2.52ghz day and night on it. BTW I am a first time overclocker too. Athlons overclock real well so might not want to spend the extra $$ on a higher clocked CPU.

    I also have the memory running at 252 mhz stable at 1:1 and could go up to 266 at anytime.
  7. Get A64 3400+ (2.4 GHz, 512k L2 cache) with MSI K8N Neo Platinum

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  8. it made me sick too, i switched to AMD recently from Intel P4 3.2E. Loving it now, Doom3 runs great and so does farcry/neverwinter nights. What a lovely match with the 6800 GT. on-die memory controller is wonderful. it's sad that a $1000 cpu can barely keep up with a 2.4ghz A64 newcastle $250 in games.

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  9. AMD is definately the way to go, though Intel will be back and the two will flip flop non stop for years and years to come.
  10. Quote:
    it made me sick too, i switched to AMD recently from Intel P4 3.2E.

    Wow Kanavit! You have now understand that the CPU label is not the only thing that is important!

    I'm glad you are now happy with your AMD based PC!

    NOTE : I do still think that Intel still build strong CPU, but AMD have the edge for gaming rigs! Which is what makes me upgrading my PC over and over and over...

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  11. Wow!!!!

    I didn't even notice that that was a "kanavit post" - that was actually a reasonable opinion! Quite impressive.

    I guess it's called evolving, but I never witnessed it so... dramatically! :lol:
  12. heya Meph;

    ROFL you act like you have watched a sinner turn into a saint or something, i mean come on is it really that hard to believe its not like you have to be converted or something, like he went from being protestant to catholic.
    I have never personally owned an AMD core either, however with me its because Intel is what im familiar with and without tons of research a switch just simly isnt possible without making some really bad uninformned decisions about the hardware you are buying.
    I cant really speak for others specifically, but personally i dont like to rely on other peoples oppinions to make my decisions, as you know when someone says something is better, it is usually just their oppinion. If i cant research it myself and see it in black and white, then i dont feel comfortable with the information, and subsequently the decision.
    As you know deciphering the difference between AMD, and Intel, and making an informed decision about why an AMD is better then an Intel or vice versa can be quite an arduous and daunting task. It is quite a thing to switch to AMD from intel as far as knowing the do's, and dont's of each core.
    A person being intimately familliar with both AMD, and Intel is more rare then you might think even among the enthusiast community. Big suprise? Not really, lots of guys cant afford to build both so they build one or the other.
    It used to be that an AMD core was cheaper then an Intel core, and you could buy it knowing that you could overclock the hell out of it. recently AMD has locked the multiplier, prices have gone up, and price vs performance just isnt as much of a distinguishing selling point anymore.
    Now admitedly alot of people including myself are flat out too lazy to switch. Lets use an example of our personal lives, do we always take out the trash when it needs it, is our living space perfectly clean, do we dust above the door, do we wash the dishes each time after we use them, there are infinite examples, so what makes you think any one of us are going to take the time to research for hours on end the differences between an AMD, and an Intel LOL.
    All jokes aside, sometimes it just comes down to feeling comfortable with what you are doing, and making a change isnt comfortable alot of times, also it takes commitment and we all know how us men are about commitment, most of us would rather have our fingernails pulled off with pliars then commit to something. It takes effort yes thats it effort! It is infinitely more complicated then i have stated, however I hope you get the genral idea of what i mean. I personally havent followed kanavit's posts, and maybe hes one of those slaptards thats doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground, and i dont really care to follow it either, I didnt write this post in defense of him, nor to counter your statements, nor to oppose you personally, hell im not even directing it at you, and i read the other post that said something like omg he got an AMD, and all the comments after, so when i read your post it just got me writing, and i just simply felt like writing, and making some points that should be obvious to most people here but is probably never given to thought longer then how bad ass their flame can be in response, plus im at work, yes im THAT bored, most people probably didnt even take the time to read the entire post, hell this reply post is probably not even in the right post, i have edited this post probably 10 times, meh now im too lazy to finish this post...whatever blarg

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  13. Hello GenStryker,

    I do not know how much money you would like to spend on your system, but, personally, I would go with new A64 939 90nm processors and nForce4 based mobo. You can buy 939 90nm for about 160$. They seem to overclock pretty well, up to stock FX 55 speeds. There is a plenty of information on A64 CPUs on Just check, it is worth it.

    Moreover, even if you do not want to upgrade, I still would recommend the 939 platform, as it will now get much more attention than 754 one.
  14. Xeencoil post to long man give us a summary cant be bothered to read all that ROFL.
  15. heya Manhota;

    you want shorter try this on for size.

    Intel or AMD, whogivesaFUC|<

    personal prefrence.

    you lazy.

    Me at work, me bored.

    me tarzan you jane.

    <Insert Grunt's and incoherent scratches here>

    the more you know...

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  16. There was one thing I was happy about Intel processors - The Hyper Threading. Ya know if Athlon 64 (socket 939) processors have any kind of similar technology?

    Current processor I'm aiming at: A64 3500+ for socket 939. Also, how is the overclocking supposed to work on A64 processors? I heard its harder to do than Pentium's.
  17. you heard wrong.

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  18. Glad to hear that :P Anyway I'm looking at some 939 socket mobos to go with, but I can't decide between nForce3 Ultra and K8T800Pro+VT8237 chipsets. The K8T version mobo comes with onboard Wireless slot (Something that would be... "more than welcome"). The nForce3 Ultra chipset seems to be superior, but then I haven't found any comparative benchmarks around. Then, is it worth paying a few extra $$ for nForce3 Ultra and sacrifice the Wi-Fi slot, or keep the K8T800Pro+VT8237 chipset?
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